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About the Journal
EfilJournal, founded in the traditions of different approaches, which goes back to Adam Smith, Karl Marx, David Ricardo, John M. Keynes, Michal Kalecki and Milton Friedman. EJ provides a focus for applied, theoretical, interdiciplinary, and historical and methodological work. The Editors welcome submissions from all the fields of economics.
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Efil Journal (Volume 6, Issue 4)

Domestic Absorption, Openness and Growth – Bilin Neyapti Examining Coordination Problems with Evolutionary Game Theory: Exchange Rate Protected Deposit Example – Aras Yolusever, Burak Unveren, Ercan Eren Efficiency Forecast in the...


Efil Journal (Volume 6, Issue 3)

Growth and Sustainability in Post-Keynesian Perspective: Some Notes – Arne Heise  Werner Sombart’s Effect on Joseph A. Schumpeter – Gülenay Baş Dinar, Ercan Eren Exchange Rate Regimes and Business...