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Efil Publishing House is an institution based and published in Ankara, Turkey. It was established in 2008 and now, it has over 300 books published. 45% of these books are translation publications. Aiming to become a touchstone in Turkey, in academic publishing it innovatively moves with the question “How can it get better?”.

Besides the academic publishing we started publishing ECONOMICS AND SOCIETY, a journal which fills the gap in the field of economics, in 2010. Journal of Economics and Society which is being published monthly discusses the current subjects of economy. It receives the articles from academics and publishes the articles about philosophy, culture and art as well. It has succeeded to have a large amount of audience.

Upon the high demans about publishing culture, art and child books, we thought we should have brought the people and the important publications together. So we started publishing these kind of books under the brand Kitapsaati Publications.

With the experience of the Journal of Economics and Society, and upon the demands coming from the academic community and with the confirmation of the board members whom we could talk, it has been decided to publish a pure-academic journal, named Efil Journal of Economic Research, in 2018. It is going to be a refereed journal, be published quarterly and be published in English and Turkish.

This journal has an identity, open for the different approaches related to the tradition of the economic theory which goes back to Adam Smith, Karl Marx, David Ricardo, J. M. Keynes, Michal Kalecki and Milton Friedman. Publishing a journal which provides points for the exams of associate professorships is not out goal. This journal is going to be a journal of economic theory and policy. Our main goal is to introduce the world of academicians to the younger academicians by publishing the articles which will create new expansions and the new approaches of the theory of economics .

Owner of the Journal

On behalf of Eflatun Basım Dağıtım Yayıncılık Danışmanlık Yatırım ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Fethiye Çolak


Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Çolak

Executive Editor

Fethiye Çolak

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Serenay Dıraz


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